How to choose seawater pearl color diversity

In recent years, led by the road fashion personages, a pearl tide has been set off. Glittering and translucent water pearls have been sought after by many consumers. Ready to buy Sea pearl jewelry in the southeast branch, but what color of the sea pearl good? How do you choose the color of sea pearls?

In fact, the quality classification of pearls does not include color. The value of pearls is mainly judged by varieties and qualities. The quality is mainly based on 3 aspects: the roundness, gloss and epidermis of pearls. Different regions and different nationalities have different tastes in color. Therefore, color is not the main criterion for evaluating the quality of pearls. Different colors reflect different glamour and feeling.

There are many kinds of colors. The varieties of pearls are different and their colors are different. According to the seawater pearl growth region, generally divided into Nanyang pearls, Tahitian pearl, Chinese sea pearls and Japan Sea pearls. How to choose the color of sea pearls should be compared between the different colors of the same variety of seawater pearls. Pearl colors include color, with color and iridescent color match several aspects, the better, the higher the value of pearl.

1, Nanyang pearl: Generally speaking, it is mainly divided into the noble gold and the pure white two colors. At present, the common colors on the market are usually golden, champagne, cream, white, pink, silver, silvery. Because of the rarity and the popularity of its hue. As far as other colors are concerned, white Southern pearls with pink, gold and other colourful colourful colors are generally with pure white background and pure and pure gold.

2, Tahiti pearl: not all black, the word "black" literally is often misunderstood, in fact, Tahiti pearl color is the most abundant charm, from the green, blue, transparent transparent transparent transparent purple, brown, gray, black to grey through Ze and the like are the Tahitian Black Pearl common color. Among these, the most people appreciate is revealed in a black, dark purple, blue and malachite green iridescent black pearl.

3, sea pearl: it can be divided into two kinds of Chinese pearl and Japanese pearl, and the two kinds of pearls are usually white. Generally speaking, white seawater pearl is the best color in white and powder penetration. Besides, Japanese sea pearl has a very rare and natural Silver Gray Pearl from deep sea.