Marine culture knowledge of pearls

(1) mariculture of black pearls in the sea. The Black Pearl known at present, mainly produced in Hawaii, Tahiti, French Polynesia, Hainan, Lingshui, Sanya and other places China. The cultured pearl black dish shellfish these surfacesis a large volume, the length of up to 30 cm, weight up to 3-4 kg, and the cultured pearl particles, generally more than 10 mm, Polynesian production is generally 12-15 mm, maximum 20.8 mm, bead layer thickness, strong luster. Dark black, round shape, is a very high quality.

(2) mariculture of white pearls in sea water. White pearls have many areas of origin, but they are generally small. Japan and China have the most, and the output of the two countries can account for 90% of the world's output.

Japan sea farming pearl production are mainly distributed in three, and high, Ehime, Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Xiongben county. Of which three pearls are produced with high quality pearls. The annual output of more than 40 tons in Japan is the first in the world, most of which are the better quality sea pearls.

China seawater pearls, the main origin in Guangxi, Fangcheng, Qinzhou, to Hepu, Beihai; Guangdong Haikang (now known as Leizhou city), Xuwen County, Hainan Lingshui, Sanya and other areas. With Hepu pearl and Hainan pearl quality, the annual output is about 14 tons.