Pearl mussel pearl and pearl difference

As the mother of pearl mussel, Unionidae animal c.plicata or Pteriidae animal Pearl shells. Go to the meat, wash and dry. It has a flat liver and a latent Yang; the God is frightened; the liver is clear. The main headache and vertigo; palpitation and insomnia; madness and convulsion; liver heat eye red; pannus covering eyes.

The composition of Pearl mother is: the shell of ray crack clam contains more than 90% calcium carbonate and about 0.34% organic matter, and still contains a little magnesium, iron, silicate, sulfate, phosphate and chloride. After calcination, carbonates break down, produce calcium oxide and so on, and organic matter is destroyed.

Pearl grows in pearl mussel in seawater. There are many essential substances in the growth environment of pearl mussel. There are also many dirty things. Clams can exclude dirty objects and form pearls into essence. The ingenuity of nature is that we apply the pearl powder to the face, and we also have the effect of removing the turbid things.

Pearl powder has the effect of leveling liver and latent Yang, clearing liver and eyesight, prolonging life, relieving heart, beauty and beauty. Pearl powder for the elderly, pearl powder to alleviate insomnia, annoyance, memory decline and other effects. Of course, it is more important to the effect of beauty.

The Pearl has the town heart safety, nourishing yin and extinguishing the wind, clearing heat and falling phlegm, going to ymingmu and detoxifying the muscle. Treatment of palpitation, palpitation, epilepsy, convulsion convulsion, Fanre Xiaoke, houbi kougan, unknown ocular, ulcer not healing for a long time.

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