Pearl Necklace health effects it

Pearl necklaces are pearls made of pearls, which will be string together and worn between the items after the pearl is drilled. The natural pearl necklace has a certain role in nursing. People close to the neck of the pearl necklace, its active ingredients can enter the body by friction, pearl has certain absorption capacity of fluid secretion, the skin of the pearl is also contained in medicines and absorption, and even affect the local lesion, anti-inflammatory therapy; pearl contains calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate and magnesium copper and manganese, phosphorus, iodine, strontium, lead, sodium, potassium and other elements and more than ten kinds of amino acids, pearl with nerves nourishing Yin, clearing heat, eyesight detoxification, shut myogenic effects in medicine. Especially during menstruation and menopause, ladies are irritable and wear pearl necklaces to play a better role in moderating and relaxing. It can also prevent and cure chronic laryngitis and thyroid, and at the same time, make the skin particularly bright and delicate. Sooner or later, you can massage the skin gently with pearl, and also have the functions of skin care, cosmetology and speckle elimination.

Wear pearl necklace to treat chronic pharyngitis and hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism) has some effect. Wearing a pearl necklace for a long time can reduce the cough of the pharyngitis and even stop completely. The hyperthyroidism is wearing a pearl necklace, which can inhibit the growth of the lump and make it disappear gradually.

Long wearing a pearl necklace, can alleviate the sequelae of cerebral concussion caused by eccentric temper temper, improve the symptoms of anger impermanence.

Wearing a pearl necklace with the role of the town of Jingan.  The heart disease patient's hypertension can be reduced to normal, the heartbeat is restored to normal, vertigo can also be treated. At the negotiating table, you can get unexpected stability. According to legend, the Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Ci Xi in every major event, will hold a grain of pearl, to help her heart would make a decision. In modern society, many higher order women love wear pearl jewelry in business negotiations and other occasions, often to the town god, sober, meditation responsive role (and government and business partners will be on its elegant demeanor and appearance attracted to reduce hostility and psychological conflict, let the opponent or partner to calm down) thus, the optimal decision and negotiation results.

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