Pearl purchase points

Pearl is an ornament in the world we are more familiar with, then the pearl itself is also good and bad, what aspects should we pay attention to when buying? First, look at the size, shape, color and luster. If they combine properly or naturally, do they have obvious flaws on the surface and whether their glossiness is emerging from inside?

Color: color distinguishes the light color system: pink, white, cream, etc.; the best reflected light in the light color system is pink. Black system: black, dark green, blue, purple and so on.  The Black Pearl has the best quality of green reflecting light.  In addition to the above color, there are peach, yellow, gold and so on.

Two, luster: the density of the pearl layer has a great relationship, and the person with tight texture can give out bright and moving light. And whether the texture is close or not depends on the water temperature, the lower the water temperature, the slower growth rate and the denser texture. The higher the water temperature is, the faster the growth rate is, the more loose the texture is, and the luster is slightly less. Take the Japanese pearl and Nanyang pearl as an example, the temperature of the sea water in Japan is low, the pearl layer is about 1.5mm a year, and the southern Pearl is in the warm zone, and the pearl layer grows nearly 3.0mm every year.

Three, the thickness of the pearl layer: the thicker the pearl layer, in addition to the better skin light, if any bruise will not immediately reveal the central tuberculosis. The ideal thickness of the bead is about 4.5mm to 5mm.

Four, shape: bead has always been the most popular, but in recent years, pear shaped pearls are more and more popular, but also by the designer of the bead deformation often become beautiful jewelry ingenuity.

Five, defects: it is necessary to consider the size, position and obvious of the defect, which directly affects its value.

Six, work: the first consideration of the compatibility of pearls with the material and pearls used. Carefully, one of the factors affecting the price is the size of the drill hole.

Seven, size: the size of the beads is a major factor affecting the price. For a whole string necklace, pearls are even more commensurate in color and size. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why a whole string of pearl necklace can reach the high price.