Teach you how to restore the luster of pearl

Pearl is a precious organic gem. Because of its crystal and glittering and glittering, rich and colorful, elegant and pure, it is known as the "gem Queen". The international gemstone also lists pearls as the lucky stones of the June birthday, and marries 13th anniversary and 30th anniversary commemorative stones. Pearls, with magnificent colors and elegance, symbolize health, purity, richness and happiness, which have been loved by people since ancient times.

Although the color of the pearl is very beautiful, it can't stand the test for a long time. After several decades, pearl will become common yellow, while losing the beautiful pearl luster, this is the saying goes "yield".

Why do pearl ornaments have been yellowing for a long time?  This is mainly the unstable physical property of the aragonite, which is composed of pearls. For a long time, it will become a common calcite. In spite of the same chemical composition, the crystalline form and gloss of the aragonite and calcite are not the same. This is the reason for the discoloration of pearls.

After the yellowing of pearls, there are some remedies, that is, dilute the hydrochloric acid to soak the shells that turn yellow, and make the pearls appear bright, brilliant, bright and charming colors. But if the color becomes very strong, it will be difficult to reverse.