Distinguish Between Seawater Pearls And Freshwater Pearls

Seawater pearl yield is very low, a Zhubang only a pearl production, aquaculture can be harvested once a year, the breeding process is extremely difficult, high cost, high yield of freshwater pearl mussel, a production of pearls, the cost is relatively low.

1, form: Sea pearls are generally more regular round ball, and freshwater pearls is more oval, flat round, and the surface folds more;

2, size: Sea pearls are generally larger than fresh water pearls, and the pearls of seawater are generally 6--7.5 millimeters, while freshwater pearls are much smaller.

3, density: the density of pearl in general is less than that of fresh water pearl.

4. Growth cycle: the growth cycle of sea pearls is one or two years, while fresh water pearls are five, eight years.

5, the survival rate: the survival rate of sea pearl is 50%, but only 40% of the Pearl in this area, while the survival rate of fresh water pearl is much higher.

6, pearl production: general a seawater Pinctada to produce a pearl, and a fresh water can be formed about 13 Pearl nacre;

7, growth environment: seawater pearls grow more in open natural seawater (there are more nutrients and plankton), while freshwater pearls grow more in relatively closed water environment.

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