Freshwater Pearl Necklace Where The Value

Pearl necklaces can be classified as uniform and stratified. In the same pearl chain, all pearl necklace is usually a standard size, there is no change between them, about their size. It is measured by the pearl necklace of fresh water pearls all millimeter in length, and the size of all pearl necklaces is uniform.

However, the pearl necklaces of different levels often have different sizes of pearls in series to form symmetrical shapes, from the ends of small pearls in the middle as pendants to maintain the largest pearl necklace. These layered pearl necklaces, with a chain record of at least 3 millimeters, differ in extreme pearls and pearls.

The pearl necklace is judged according to the quality of the freshwater pearls used in it. The shape and color of the pearls, and other factors, help to determine the price of a necklace. White and black pearl necklaces are very popular among the masses.

It must be pointed out that a layered pearl necklace is very good, and its price is very cheap compared to the same pearl necklace. A standard size of the necklace, this is a standard size of the pearl necklace, is generally considered to be more valuable, because all of the standard size and color in the same freshwater pearl pearl is very difficult to find, it may take a few years to train a real standard size of the necklace, this is the reason expensive Pearl necklace.