Pearl Necklace Maintenance Methods

First of all, the maintenance at the time of wearing. The pearls are soft, and the hardness is lower than the dust in the air. When wearing the pearls, they should avoid contact or friction with the hard objects, so as to avoid wear or scratch. In addition, afraid of acid, alkali, pearl afraid afraid of losing water, so should not be in the sun or in a heated high temperature environment; avoid vinegar, alcohol, cosmetics and perfume, powder, oil and all kinds of acid and alkali substances in contact to prevent harmful material erosion and the Pearl fade or lose luster.

In addition, it is better not to wear pearls to cook food, as steam and soot can penetrate into pearls through the micro pores on the surface of the Pearl and make it yellow.

Secondly, the maintenance of the Pearl Necklace in the collection. Pearls should be cleaned regularly. When washing, rinse with thin soap water and rinse with clean water. In the hot summer day, the pearl must be cleaned with a wet towel to get back to the safe. When you are not wearing it, you can store it in a jewelry box with soft, clean flannelette or silk silk. It is not suitable to be sealed in plastic bags or plastic boxes, so that the Pearl will lose its luster and affect its luster.