Pearl Shape Classification

The ball:

The shape was round pearl, according to the circular degree is divided into three kinds, that is, bead bead and bead nearly.

It refers to the ball roundness best business, also known as disc beads, maximum diameter and the minimum diameter difference with uniform diameter ratio is less than one percent; the round ball shape is pearl, its diameter difference percentage between one percent and five percent; three of the nearly Yuanzhu form close to the pearl ball match the percentage, diameter difference between five percent and ten percent.

The oval pearl:

An elliptical shape of a pearl with a diameter ratio of more than ten percent. According to the percentage of long and short diameter, the percentage of short ellipse and long ellipse can be further reduced. The percentage of short, long and short diameters of short ellipse is ten percent to twenty percent, and the percentage of long ellipse diameter difference is greater than twenty percent.

The flat bead:

The form is a flat surface, approximately planar one or both sides, such as flat circular, flat oval, pie, diamond and square etc..

(4) MA BI Zhu:

Is a half of pearl, also known as Mabe Steamed Buns beads, beads and half ball, also known as Mabeju. Ordinary finished collecting has farmed good pearls, pearl nucleus shell wall will insert prefabricated half shape, a convex surface facing the cover film p.martensii, shell wall plane close to mother of pearl, inserted into the water after feeding, the pearl layer days and months multiplying, pearl nucleus layer package to form a half circle, with its local collection of mother of pearl shell wall to throw into a piece of jewelry is extracted, so the individual large. Mabizu is essentially a kind of regenerated pearl, before each consumer first two round pearl pearl BQ, then re breeding 3 - 7 grain mabee beads, especially in the yield and quality of Australia are very high in the mabee beads, its characteristic is very large particles, excellent gloss, pure white snow and lubrication appearance. The smallest also has 10mm, large to 17mm or larger, with round, water - shaped, oval, and heart shaped shapes. At present the world jewelry market is very popular mabee beaded jewelry, ladies accessories are not only pets, and with the creation of Mabizu's common and elegant jewelry has been a favorite gentlemen.

To be specific: (also called pearl shaped beads)

Other shapes besides beads, beads, Mabizu elliptic pearls are many, pear shaped, teardrop shaped, m shaped, potato shaped, beans and other shapes are collectively referred to as the specific pearl pearl business.