Sea Pearl

Pearl Sea pearl is produced from Hepu in Guangxi, Sanya and Lingshui County, mainly with the mother shellfish of pearl pearl, which is endemic to the South China Sea. The aquaculture beads are produced in the shallow waters of the tropical or subtropical regions, both with the method of nuclear culture. Because of the nucleation of sea pearls, the particles are generally large and do good ornaments.

China's sea pearls are produced in the Beibu Gulf and the southeast coast. In the history of Guangxi Hepu pearl as the representative, the title of "Hepu pearl called pearl, the European Atlantic for the west, the Oriental is a pearl". The thought of "the West than the East, the east than South pearl". The shape of sea pearl is generally round, which is the most ideal pearl in shape. Our country in ancient times known as the "go dish bead", namely in the plate slightly moving, can roll freely, Hepu pearl good roundness and particle emission, many disc. The probability of the circle of the sea water beads is higher than that of the freshwater beads, which is determined by the inner concentric ring structure inside it. The beauty and elegance of the sea water beads are largely attributed to their luster. The quality of water beads was translucent, giving a soft and hazy beauty, fluorescent bright blue and white, yellow, pink in the ultraviolet, X-ray yellow white and green phosphor. Seawater pearl white in color, mostly yellow, red, green, and body color purple, brown, black and other colors, from 3 to 5 mm in diameter accounted for more than about 65%, 8 mm in diameter for rare treasures, the sea water in good quality excellent price, its value is far beyond gold